In accordance with Article 201(a) of the Constitution which requires openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters, the National Treasury, through a Public Notice published in My GOV on 20th November, 27th November and 4th December, 2018, invited institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and individuals to submit proposals on economic policy measures including taxation proposals for consideration by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning in preparing the National Fiscal Budget for the Financial Year 2019/2020.


It is important to note that the Government has commenced the implementation of the priorities under the “Big Four” Plan aimed at accelerating industrialization and transforming the lives of all Kenyans.

The deadline for submission of the proposals was due on 15th January 2019. In order to ensure wider public participation, the National Treasury hereby extends the deadline for submission of the proposals by 16 days to the 31st day of January 2019. The proposals should be forwarded in writing to the undersigned or through the email [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].

The proposals submitted should be on measures that will support the realization of the “Big Four” priorities in addition to enhancing macroeconomic stability. The proposals should therefore target to support manufacturing sector through value addition, enhance food security and nutrition to Kenyans as well as provide Universal Health Coverage and affordable housing to all Kenyans.

Further, the proposals may include measures on regulatory reforms, revenue administration reforms and any other measures that may spur economic growth.

The submissions should be specific on the proposed policy or change to the law, supported by a statement on the issue to be addressed and the justification.

Please note that the consultations and consideration of the proposals will be on
a continuous basis starting from the date of this Notice.