Public Debt Management

The Directorate is headed by a Director General, reporting to the Principal Secretary. It is organized into the following three (3) Technical Departments each headed by a Director:

  • Resource Mobilization (Front Office),
  • Debt Policy, Strategy and Risk Management (Middle Office)
  • Debt Recording and Settlement (Back Office).

 The Directorate undertakes the following functions:

  • Management of public debt;
  • Manage the level and composition of national and county public debt, national government and county governments contingent guarantees and other financial obligations of national government and develop a framework for sustainable debt levels;
  • Mobilize domestic and external resources for financing national and county budgetary requirements;
  • Undertake bilateral and multilateral negotiations relating to grants and loans;
  • Educate and update investors about the economic performance of the Government to achieve increased demand for the Government’s local and international debt securities;
  • Develop and execute the global investor relations programme that accurately reflects the Government of Kenya investment climate;
  • Lead the development of strategy, operating plans, budget, and execution of the investor relations program that may include among others facilitating two-way communication channels with investors and rating agencies through e-mails, conference calls, and the investor relations website;
  • Briefing senior policymakers about market feedback and concerns, overall market sentiment with respect to asset class and general global environment, and anticipated market reactions to policy changes under consideration;
  • Disseminate relevant macroeconomic data and policy information to market participants and answer questions about the data, information, and other related issues;
  • Coordinate access of data and information from various official institutions and develop a network of officers in various government agencies and the Central Bank who can answer investor queries and coordinate access of market participants to senior policymakers;
  • Undertake research on public debt management to inform policy.